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GET /elections


Check out our GraphQL API for a more flexible approach to incorporate BallotReady data in your projects.

Returns a list of elections.


  • end_at (optional): end timestamp of queried elections in the search request
  • latitude (optional): SRID 4326 compatible latitude
  • longitude (optional): SRID 4326 compatible longitude
  • start_at (optional): starting timestamp of queried elections, YYYY-MM-DD format
  • state (optional): state the election takes place in
  • updated_since (optional): beginning timestamp of record updates in the search request

Note that either state OR latitude/longitude is required. If latitude and longitude are provided the API will return results using a shapefile intersect with our elections. Otherwise, it will match based on state.


To query the election IDs, you can hit the /elections endpoint:

curl -H "x-api-key: APIKEY" ""


"timestamp": datetime,
"elections": [
"id": int,
"status": string,
"ocd_id": string,
"deadline_voter_registration": datetime,
"deadline_mail_in_type": string,
"deadline_request_ballot_in_person": datetime,
"election_day": date,
"mail_in_must_be_postmarked_by": boolean,
"deadline_mail_in": datetime,
"updated_at": datetime,
"name": string,
"deadline_request_ballot": datetime,
"state": string,
"deadline_request_ballot_type": string,
"type": string,
"deadline_voter_registration_type": string,
"deadline_drop_off": datetime
"result_count": int