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Voting Plan Partner Widget

We are excited to offer our partners this widget to inform and turn out voters!

How to use the widget:#

For easiest implementation, simply embed this code block wherever you'd like it to appear on your site.

Note: You will need to substitute out the name of your organization in data-utm-campaign = "partner-YOUR NAME"#

For Example: data-utm-campaign = "partner-coca_cola" (no spaces!)

<div class="civicengine-address" data-utm-campaign = "partner-*YOUR ORGANIZAION NAME HERE*"></div><script src="" async defer></script>

This will appear as:

Partner Widget Example

If your website building platform supports it, you may want to put the <script> line (the second line of the code) in the <head> section of your page. This will improve loading time for your page.

Including language support with the widget# can now be used in Spanish or Mandarin in addition to English. Once your users enter the tool through your site, they navigate to the language they prefer with any widget. However, you can also set up your widget so that they select a language when they enter their address, or provide the widget in one language by default. If you do not select a default language for the widget, users will always see whatever language they last selected on, or they'll see English if they are a completely new user.

If you'd like to provide a language dropdown in the widget, you should use this code:

<div class="civicengine-address" data-utm-campaign = "partner-*YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME HERE*" data-input-locale = "yes"></div><script src="" async defer></script>

If you'd like to provide the language in a default language (English, Spanish, or Mandarin), you should include code like this:

<div class="civicengine-address"data-default-locale = "es-US-ballotready" data-utm-campaign = "partner-*YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME HERE*"></div><script src="" async defer></script>

The above code will provide the widget in Spanish to all users because it uses the language code "es-US-BallotReady." If you'd like to set a different default language, you'd use different language codes:

LanguageLanguage CodeCode example
English"en-US-ballotready"data-default-locale = "en-US-ballotready"
Spanish"es-US-ballotready"data-default-locale = "es-US-ballotready"
Mandarin"zh-US-ballotready"data-default-locale = "zh-US-ballotready"

This widget will give your audience access to BallotReady's Make a Plan Tool, which will allow users to request an absentee ballot from their local election authority, and make a plan to vote. If you'd like to direct people to BallotReady's full functionality, including our comprehensive voter guide, you may embed this widget instead. If you'd like to direct people to just the voter guide, you may embed this widget instead.

If you need assistance implementing the widget, feel free to contact us at